But does Nate Caruso have any References?

Victor Massad Associate Professor of Marketing Kutztown University

In addition to his academic preparation, Nathan has prepared himself for his career in other important ways.  He was a student athlete, which instilled in him an appreciation for goal-setting and competition.  He was also an intern at Kutztown’s Small Business Development Center, which gave him experience in real world planning and interacting with business owners and managers.

Perhaps most importantly, I have found Nathan to be a conscientious person who cares a great deal about improving his capabilities and will work very hard in order to make sure his work meets a professional standard.  He is easy-going and very easy to work with.

For all of these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Nathan Caruso as an ideal candidate for employment, graduate school or anything else commensurate with his qualifications.”

Peter Hornberger Blended Learning and Consulting Specialist Kutztown University Small Business Development Center

“During his time at the center, Nathan was able to develop valuable assets that became foundational components of the Kutztown University SBDC’s operating process. His interest in e-commerce paved the way for the development of consulting practices and educational curriculum to assist SBDC clients pursuing online sales. As a result of his initial efforts, the center has been able to include e-commerce components in grant requests to fund center efforts to include e-commerce components in its online marketing workshops. I am certain that without Nathan’s initial efforts to update the center’s e-commerce efforts, this opportunity would not exist as it does today.
Nathan also proved to be a valuable researcher for the organization and the clients it serves. Nathan is able to synthesize relevant information from multiple resources in an efficient manner. He is then able to summarize and communicate the findings to clients in a succinct but comprehensive manner.
Nathan has consistently shown high level cognitive skills, ambition, creativity and professionalism. Nathan has found success in academic, athletic, personal, and professional arenas.”

Mark Anderson ABP Divisional Reliability Manager  Armstrong World Industries

“Nate is a charismatic young man with a bright future.  Armstrong would benefit well to have him join the company.  I have known Nate for more than five years and he is someone who is full of energy, displays a positive, can do attitude and is a quick learn. ”

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