Did Nate Caruso gain any Internship Experience?

Throughout my time at Kutztown along with balancing school and track, I completed two internships.

Marketing Consultant Intern

Track2Field.com – Kutztown PA
March 2013 – Present 
Track2Field is a start-up website to connect the Division II Track and Field Community.
The position entails assisting in the process of starting the company including business plan development, logo design, naming of company, and site design.
The position requires use of web coding knowledge to develop the web design.
Additional duties involve contacting different sources to help the writers develop content, contacting running sites to direct traffic to the site, SEO, attracting advertising outlets, and setting up social media sites.

Marketing Intern

Kutztown University Small Business Development Center
January 2012 – May 2012 
The marketing intern worked with reviewing business plans, building market research packets, created Facebook guides, formed an E-commerce packet that explains the entire process of setting up and running a web-store.

Nate Caruso "The Man for You"


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