What Have You Learned So Far? (Week of 11/10/2014)

I could easily sum this post up in two words; a ton. From learning how to apply what I learned in classes, to learning industry and digital channel specific techniques, I have been absorbing a 2,00 pound load of information.

I constantly apply my in classroom learning of the customer conversion funnel, to the company websites to explore not only how to direct a customer to a website, but also how to direct them through their entire visit.  I constantly review data on how our customers interact and react once they land on a page.  I review where customers drop off from the site and explore the reasons behind their decision to leave the site.  I’ve learned how to work with multiple groups on coordinating tests to improve the experience for the customer. I make sure that not only are the tests scientifically sound, but also purpose driven. I ensure that I introduce test ideas that are built to improve access, save the customer time, or open new avenues.

One of the biggest takeaways I have gained in my position so far, is often the simplest and most effective way to find out how to improve customer experience is to go to the source: Ask the customer. With the growing influence of the millennial generation it becomes even more important to open lines of communication to crowd-source what customers are experiencing.  By asking the customer about their experience, one can get real-time input on any potential outages, and input on what customers are truly looking for from your site.

I look forward to adding another ton to my knowledge in the next few weeks.  Look for my next entry on what I have been reading and make sure to thank our veterans on this Tuesday for Veteran’s day!

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