How Is That New Job of Yours?

Well first of all let me review my actual position and the duties that come with the position, because I really do not want to be Chandler from “Friends” (see video below).

So I am not a “Transponster,” I am working as a Marketing Associate for the marketing company Foundry 9.  Working with Foundry 9, my work duties are actually contracted out to one of their biggest clients, J.P. Morgan Chase.  Working in the Chase building, I work on the Acquisition Capabilities Team to market their branded and partner credit cards in various digital channels.  I work heavily with the different applications that a customer will fill out for a credit card and research and test for ways to make the experience less obtrusive to the customer and increasing the acquisition rate of new cardmembers. My role also has me fill in for other members on the team for their various projects, which allows me to expand my learning in many different marketing strategies, including direct mail and direct sales.

I have enjoyed working in this position, as I close in on working here for two months, and can keep smiling everyday even as my workload increases.  As with any new position and company, I have had to adjust to different procedures and expectations, but I have allowed my coachability to shine through and make the transition smooth.  I want to thank everyone that helped me obtain this position.

Look for a “What Have You Learned” post coming soon.

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