Does Marketing Work?

This question often floats in front of many people when evaluating marketing for their company strategies.  Well I have an excellent example of the effectiveness of marketing.

Imagine you create a worthy product that has three other competitors in the market.  Your product is similar to your competitors but 85% of your market has never heard of you.  Is your product bad, should you abandon and restart with a new product or market? If you haven’t put together a marketing campaign, don’t prematurely abandon your product.  Make sure to hit on the emotional reasons as to why consumers will pick your product and help them make an emotional attachment.  Jump out on your competitors and spread your message early and often to capture the market share and build a strong and loyal consumer base.

Okay, I’m not really talking about a product, actually I am discussing the campaign of recent Pennsylvania Democratic Gubernatorial nominee, Tom Wolf.  Political campaigns are all about marketing and connecting to consumers/voters.  If you want to review the effectiveness of getting your message out early and getting huge returns on the advertisements, then you have to analyze the Tom Wolf campaign.

The campaign was extremely effective getting their television ads out early, January 30th, and gave the candidate uncontested air time for almost nine weeks.  Yes, the campaign put together a huge advertising budget, but the poll results validated the spending.  Facing three other opponents Mr. Wolf won 58 percent of the vote, followed by candidates at 18 percent, 17 percent, and 8 percent.  I see this campaign as a brilliant example for any product launch in a new market.

(Disclaimer: I did volunteer on the Tom Wolf campaign but this article is supposed to be an unbiased review of the marketing campaign.)

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