What Marketing Campaigns Do You Admire? (Week of 12/3/2013)

Branding works best if it is involved in every part of the business.  This week I am reviewing two companies that exemplify the total marketing approach to their business.

Pier 1 is a perfectly targeted store.  The company aims to attract women from the ages 25-50 that are homeowners.  The store name, set-up, pricing, and advertisements all tie-in to perfectly excite their target market.  The store name, Pier 1, gives the shoppers that they are heading to a market filled with unique products from around the world.  The store has a crowded feeling with many nooks to make the consumer feel as though they discovered this one-of-a-kind product, and the advertisements also have this design.  The pricing at the stores is consistent with bazaar pricing that offers great deals.  As you watch the commercials, one sees how they continue to stress the idea of discovering unique products.  Pier 1 ties their whole approach together with their tagline, “Find What Speaks to You,” and helps highlight the goals of their target market.  As a male consumer I don’t prefer to enter the store because it is not tailored to my preferences, but I can respect how well the store is targeted.  Everything in the store works well together, and that helps cultivate the brand’s goal in the consumer’s mind.


Wellspan Health runs York Hospital and is currently reviewing plans for a new emergency center.  After months of planning and drafting the team decided to have a replica of the center built of cardboard in an empty warehouse.  The team then took various groups through the design and they were able to pinpoint several changes to make the plan a successful reality.  This approach should serve York Hospital well with the completion of the center.  I commend the team in taking this total marketing approach to make the center consumer, and employee friendly.  A successful business always needs happy employees and happy consumers and this approach to design should help Wellspan achieve new levels of success.  The full story can be found here.

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