What Have You Been Reading (Week of 11/14/13)?

The cold air is creeping in, so what better to do than curl up by a fire and read?  I have been in the midst of reading two books, Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis and Group Genius by Keith Sawyer.  In between those two reads I always peruse the internet for any articles from which I can learn.

Africa.  The land of riches and potential.  I loved this article in fastcoexist.com, that highlights a consumer research company, Geopoll, and their work in Africa.  Africa has the potential to be the driver of the world economy in the next 60 years, with their growing access to markets.  Geopoll is a crucial step towards accessing Africa, and will help transform the marketing in the country.  As Africa gains mobile users, Geopoll has worked to build a database of over 50 million people.  The company is able to send out mobile surveys that reduce the expensive and time consuming process of paper polling research.  This development will provide lots of data on the African consumers.  http://www.fastcoexist.com/3021115/how-geopoll-is-transforming-african-market-research-by-actually-doing-african-market-researc#!

Now this is a very short article but I find it to be very relevant to the hyper-connected social media world.  One of the easiest ways for a customer to complain is to go on a company’s social media site and send a message.  A complaint isn’t a bad thing, it just shows that the consumer cares.  This requires a social media manager to respond in a timely manner and operate as  a customer service representative.  I feel as though a complaint is your best opportunity to show off the true nature of your brand, and repair the relationship between a consumer and your company. http://www.inc.com/margaret-heffernan/why-you-should-love-it-when-customers-complain.html#!


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