But Don’t All Millennials Say They Know Social Media?

In honor of Twitter’s IPO today I decided to release this post!

It is a common statement by many in my generation to say they have expertise in social media, because they grew up with Zanga, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.  Despite growing up with these sites, one must realize there is a big difference between posting a photo of what one had for dinner, and marketing a product on social media.

My main expertise lies with Twitter and Facebook, but I do have experience with LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat.  I started getting into social media with my internship at the KUSBDC.  At the KUSBDC I built guides and consulted companies on their social strategies.  Since then I have built up two years of professional social media experience.  I have consulted over 15 companies and groups on starting, improving, and expanding their social presence.  I have personally run two social portfolios, Kutztown Track and Field (Facebook), and York College Athletics which has a Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine accounts.  I have built a successful track record in social media and have many satisfied customers with their social media portfolios.


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