What Marketing Campaigns Do You Admire? 9/30/13

I thought I would bring this feature back once again. Everyone in the marketing field has certain marketing campaigns that they admire. I have noticed another three campaigns that I have found interesting and useful in my future career.  Miley Cyrus (yes, The Miley Cyrus), TMobile, and Microsoft, with each having different, yet valuable marketing promotions.

Miley Cyrus was originally known to the general public as the little girl on the Disney Channel whose dad was the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer .  Miley operated well within her target market of preteen females for a few years. Miley then started to face a problem; she grew older and needed to appeal to a new market but still had the Disney child stigma.  Her performance at the VMA’s was called many things, but it served its purpose.  She was being talked about by everyone, and revealed a rebellious attitude to appeal to Millenials. Miley’s performance sparked the talk of America for a week, drowning out the Syria issue, other VMA wins, and the New York gubernatorial race.  Just as the talk about her, 360,000 tweets about the event per minute record, was starting to die down, Miley released the video for her single “Wrecking Ball.”  With another provocative video, Miley ensured everyone in the nation knew who she was, and what she was singing.  People from age 90 and younger knew who she was and had an opinion formed about her.  This was the mark of a brilliant marketing campaign to shed the Disney image and gain the rebellious and open Millennial market.

Cellphone providers are finally responding to the fact that the standard cell contracts they offer don’t match the current technology cycle, forcing consumers to be far behind in advancements.  TMobile, AT&T, and Verizon all have introduced programs to allow their customers to update their phones up to twice a year now.  TMobile has set forth the best campaign to show off their new offering.  They have commercials featuring Bill Hader experiencing the difficulty of having an old phone while waiting for the contract to run out.  The commercials relay the service TMobile offers, with connecting to the consumer in a very relatable experience.  Many consumers have experienced or know those that have experienced what Bill’s character constantly encounters.  TMobile recognizes it’s not the service they offer, but the consumer problem the service solves.  Examples of the three companies’ ads can be found here: AT&T, Verizon, TMobile.


Finally, Microsoft has been pushing hard in the lucrative tablet market.  The true brilliance in their latest ads, is that they are a copy of the very successful Mac. vs. PC ads of the early 2000’s.  Apple has a decent hold on the tablet market with over 50% market share, according to emarketer.com.  With Microsoft looking to push into the market they have taken a proven method to show the attributes of their tablet and operating system features.  When Apple aired their version, they were a brand that had a younger market and a small following.  Apple was showing how cool and young their brand was as opposed to the older generation’s choice of Windows systems.  Microsoft is now in the same position with the tablet market that Apple was in with the personal computer.  I find it brilliant that they are using their competitor’s own weapons and it also helps show off the attributes of the product really well (much better than this ad that never connected with consumers).

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