Wasn’t Graduate School Your Plan?

After an advisory meeting with my one professor, he looked at my grades, knew my work ethic, and knew my career goals. He suggested that I would be an excellent candidate for an M.B.A.  I started a whirlwind of looking at who offered the programs, what I was going to focus on, and quickly preparing for the GMAT.

I sent out my applications and started to do further research on this opportunity.  The more I read, the more I saw that an M.B.A. is more about the name of the school than the degree.  I also read that the better programs have better connections to the top consulting, marketing/advertising, and financial firms.  I then focused on the better M.B.A. programs because these are the fields where I can make the biggest impact.  The only drawback to choosing to focus on the better programs is that they want candidates with three to five years of work experience.

I have not given up on the dream to get an M.B.A. I’m just following a new path.

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