What Are You Reading? Week of 8/21/13

The summer days are closing and for the first time in 18 years I will not be returning to school.  Although I don’t have new teachers to look forward to, I am continuing to expand my knowledge base in the field of marketing and beyond.

This first article from the Wall Street Journal, highlights some interesting social media findings.  It states that a “like” will encourage more to like the post with a “positive herding-effect.”  When people find, hear, or see that something is popular, that individual is more likely to also rate that something as popular.  This highlights the importance of early stage marketing and validates product placement and celebrity endorsements.http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/08/09/science/internet-study-finds-the-persuasive-power-of-like.html

Dashburst released a video on the state of video for marketers in the year 2013.  The video graphic highlights the growth of video and video ad spending for the next two years.  It also highlights video as being the number one source for content marketing.

The last article is from The Economist and highlights the surprisingly oft ignored niche market of the highly affluent.  The article highlights the experience marketing tactic and how marketing to the affluent can be highly focused.  Adlux runs private jet terminals and highlights the quiet and quick downtime their customers face.  Luckily for marketers, the terminals the affluent move through are less crowded allowing for a higher likelihood that the ads are noticed and processed.  Also with the smaller wait time, the travelers are more likely to observe ads in the terminal rather than averting their eyes to their electronic media. http://www.economist.com/news/business/21582511-how-sell-more-stuff-those-who-want-nothing-posters-plutocrats

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