What Marketing Campaigns Do You Admire?

Everyone in the marketing field has certain marketing campaigns that they admire. Recently I have picked up on three campaigns that I have found interesting and useful in my future career. Sheetz, General Mills Cereals, and the television show Whose Line all have different yet valuable marketing promotions.

Sheetz is the master of branding and brand continuity. Looking at their products that are all somehow customizable and have a “z” stashed at the end whenever possible, it is quite evident to see their positioning in the marketplace.  The social media accounts have a voice that is very appropriate to the image they portray, and now their commercials continue to develop and ensnare their target market. Sheetz has a devoted following of millennials who love customization, speedy service, and quirky humor.  Sheetz has mastered their positioning strategy.

Walking down the ever growing cereal aisles in your grocery store, take a look at General Mills cereal boxes.  Each box has proudly stamped on it a saying of “With Whole Grain first ingredient.” Now odds are that roughly 90% of the cereals in the aisle have their first and most abundant ingredient as whole grain (except the cereals craved by my useful self that start with sugar and then add in the other ingredients).  Despite the other cereal makers also having whole grain, General Mills now owns that position in the consumers’ eyes. The marketing team took a look at the unchanged ingredient list and suddenly made a strength and a position in the market out of the ingredient list.

Whole Grain cereal box Nate Caruso

Whose Line Is It Anyway has returned to the television after an almost 10 year hiatus. The show has long had a strong niche following and the return of the show to the CW network has been well received.  While watching the show, one can notice that it has been reworked slightly by a marketing team to bring the show to 2013 and beyond.  The episodes continually bring on actors from popular TV shows to guest star for a skit, therefore bringing in new viewers.  The show works to keep the viewing audience talking on social media with constantly updated hashtags appropriate to each skit.  The skits are broken apart and placed on Youtube to allow quick and easy sharing of a viewer’s favorite part.  The social media team is constantly talking with viewers to get feedback and work with suggestions. I see the work on Whose Line as some of the best show launches on a smaller network in a long time.

NC Logo


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