What have you been reading? Week of 7/29/13

Graduating from college is a crucial time to branch out and start reading whatever is published, whether in one’s field of study or not.  I want to develop this strong habit and it will allow me to expand my horizons and pull information from many sources to make the best decisions throughout my career.  Along with the daily news and books that I read, here are some articles I have been reading in the past week.

This article was a simple explanation on how to best present yourself in networking and interviews.  I found it valuable because my whole life I have been taught to be humble but when it comes to an interview I have to learn to talk about my accomplishments.  http://mashable.com/2013/07/20/speaking-tips/

I constantly think of how different companies should market their products and sometimes I feel as though they should give out samples and free products to get their product noticed quickly.  This article explains how best to determine whether one should give out freebies. http://www.youngentrepreneur.com/startingup/internet-marketing/from-birchbox-to-beautyarmy-grappling-with-the-high-cost-of-freebies/

Under30CEO.com is a site that I frequent, and this article really shows some interesting ways to get a small business as part of a community.  I personally liked the idea of hosting a networking event and I am always a proponent of teaching or providing your knowledge of your industry to others as a way to obtain customer trust. http://under30ceo.com/9-simple-local-marketing-ideas-for-your-small-business-no-internet-required/

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