How do you handle stress and pressure? Can you discuss a time on how you dealt with stress?

Stress and pressure are prevalent throughout everyday, and must be dealt with accordingly.  Throughout college I was busy with school, track, and leadership positions in school clubs and often encountered stress in balancing everything.  When I face stress and pressure, I remain calm and focus on getting the necessary work  done.  I often understand that the stress and pressure that is placed on me because others know that I can handle the stress and still put forth great work.

A time that I dealt with stress would be my senior year in college. I was in charge of an event for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, called Gatorade Fest. The event was a Gatorade Pong tournament to be held for raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and needed some last minute details to be finalized.  Unfortunately, during the weekend prior to the event, I contracted food poisoning on the way home from a track meet.  I dealt with sickness, missing classes, and trying to finalize last minute details.  The day of the event came and I found out that I was the only one in charge of the event with the President and the Advisor both having prior engagements.  In the end, the event went off with success and I felt increased confidence in myself and my abilities.

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